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Extending battery life

Among the common problems that we face with our Desktop systems and laptops is the battery. A battery is a very important part as a system will not work at all without an accurate running battery. Many have to face the either dead or dying battery. There are some tips that we can follow to extend the lifespan of our batteries.

The more power our computer consumes, the more lit will be affected. You should use your system in a power saving or eco mode, it will consume less energy and will help in extending battery life.

We have many hardware devices connected to our systems, like speakers, mouse etc which are powered by our computer and it drains the battery. It is suggested to remove the unused devices safely from the laptops or computers which are not in use.

Many laptops feature the backlight in the keyboard, which looks cool but they take up a lot of battery, when you are in light and keyboard is visible to use then you should turn off the backlight to save power. It is suggested to use them in the dark.​

When you are working on something it is better to turn off all the applications in the running in the background as they are not in use, it will save your power and help battery to work longer.

Taking care of battery is also very important; once your system is recharged you should unplug the battery until the next charging is required. Keeping it cool is also necessary as extensive heat will cause the damage.

It is the healthy habit to upgrade laptop every once a month as it will increase its efficiency and save it from major problems. There are computer repair services available that help to upgrade them.

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